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Hybrid Lashes or 'Kim K' Lashes Explained

Hybrid Lashes or Hybrid Volume is a combination of Individual Lash Extensions and Russian Volume Lash Extensions. (You may even hear some lash technicians call Hybrid lashes ‘Kim K Lashes’).

The effect produced with the Hybrid application has a textured look making it an ideal choice for those who are used to wearing the Classic Individual Lash Extensions but who want that little bit more from their set.

Hybrid Volume Lashes is also a great technique for customising sets on clients that help achieve the ‘Kim Kardashian’ inspired look where long lengths of Individual Lashes are strategically applied and filled in between Volume Lash Extensions to give a spiky textured look.

Putting it simply, Hybrid Lashes are two different lash application techniques rolled into one – Classic & Russian Volume!

How Can I Offer The Hybrid Lash Technique?

Our expert trainers have already been using the ‘Hybrid’ Lash technique for years but the term ‘Hybrid’ is fairly new.

Because the Hybrid Lash Technique requires both Individual Lash Application AND the Russian Volume Application, we recommend students enrol onto our Semi-Permanent Individual Lash Extensions course followed by the Russian Volume Lash Extensions Course.

Please kindly note that you must be qualified and have at least three months experience in Individual Lash Extensions application before booking our Russian Volume Lash Extensions Course.


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